Carrollton Square Salon and Spa - 50 Minute Hot Stone Massage

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  • One 50 minute Hot Stone Massage
  • Includes full use of spa facilities

Carrollton Square offers a Hot Stone Massage that provides a relaxing, stress-reducing experience that will surprise and delight you by how effective it is. Hot Stone Massage utilizes oils, the weight of the stones, and the expertise of the massage therapist to bring pressure on the areas that require the most attention. Water-heated basalt stones of various sizes, shapes, and weight are warmed to just the right temperature and then placed on you to enhance and complement the perfect soothing massage. The Hot Stone Massage technique is an excellent option for anyone seeking to relax muscles and reduce stress.

50 Minute Hot Stone Massage in Carrollton from Carrollton Square Salon and Spa | Massage | Aromatherapy/Hot Stone
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1026 South Broadway, Carrollton   (See Map)


For more info, call (972) 466-1810 or visit!

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Not appropriate for pregnant women. Appointment is required and may be scheduled as soon as transaction is complete. Deal must be mentioned when scheduling appointment. 24-hour cancellation notice required. Certificate must be redeemed within six months of purchase.

Carrollton Square Salon and Spa - Carrollton, Massage | Aromatherapy/Hot Stone

5 out of 5 stars
from 2 Reviews

Carrollton Square Salon and Spa

Carrollton Square Salon and Spa, located in Historic Downtown Carrollton, likes to describe itself as a small, family day spa that offers something for everyone. While they maintain that gracious charm to be sure, they are experts in face and body care and deliver the full range of professional services. The talented staff at Carrollton Square have a goal, and that is to meet and exceed your aesthetic wishes while providing a delightful environment for you to escape to, be it for an hour or a day. Carrollton Square Salon and Spa is a place where you will immediately feel comfortable and at home.



The Reviews are In:

  • "Can't wait till my next appointment! I love my day of relaxing once a month. You ladies do a wonderful job"
    Monique I.

  • "I decided to give Carrollton Square Spa a try. Definitely glad I did!"
    Ashley F.

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