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MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a tool used by physicians and radiologists to visualize internal organs and tissues when diagnosing illness or injury. An MRI scan has many advantages over other medical imaging techniques. MRI scans do not expose patients to dangerous X-Ray radiation, there are zero known side or after effects, and the images are more detailed and exact than CT scans or Ultrasound. These detailed images are created by using both magnetic fields and radio wave technology. Most MRI scans last between 30 minutes to an hour, and you will be able to listen to music to pass the time.


    • Do I have to go where my doctor refers me?

    • No. As long as you have a signed doctor’s order, you may choose any imaging facility for your scan regardless of your physicians’ recommendation.

    • Who will perform my exam?

    • A registered technologist with extensive training in radiological procedures will perform your exam.

    • Can you accommodate my busy schedule?

    • Extended flexible hours on weekdays (Monday – Friday) and exams available by appointment on Saturday and Sunday make it easy to work around almost any busy schedule.

    • What if I feel anxious or claustrophobic?

    • If you are concerned that you may become anxious or claustrophobic during your MRI exam, you can take comfort in knowing that your technologist is specially trained to keep you relaxed and comfortable. Also, there are some additional steps you can take to ease your anxiety such as bringing a family member to accompany you during your scan, or listening to your choice of music. If absolutely necessary, each facility is equipped to offer sedation when scheduled in advance.

    • Who will interpret my exam?

    • A board certified radiologist will interpret your MRI scan. The radiologists are highly skilled professionals who have studied at prestigious medical institutions, and have met the rigorous standards of major radiology residency programs, sub-specialty training and certificates of added qualifications.

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